I had to spend a weekend in Paris for business. I had been hoping that the meeting would be in Bangkok as I like the vibe of the city and the open attitude to sex. Paris was a bit more uptight about such things, and you needed to know where to go for any action.

I had just arrived in Massage Body In Paris a couple of hours ago and was in Restoran Dragon View, having a bite to eat and a drink. That was when I saw her. She was dressed in a tight strapless dress that hugged her figure, showing beautiful full breasts with a deep cleavage at the top, and where the dress ended at her pussy, you could just see the tiniest glimpse of panties. I saw her approach a couple of guys at tables and a brief conversation ensued after which she walked away.

She approached my table and asked me if I wanted some company. I was in no mood to talk around the subject so I just said to her, how much to fuck? She smiled and said 100 ringgit. I did not have much time and just wanted some quick relief. I asked her if she knew somewhere. She nodded and said ok, come with me. We walked out of the restaurant into the dark.

The restaurant is almost directly opposite the Hotel Imperial, where I was staying, but I did not want to take her there. I have found from experience that you never take a Tantric Massage In Paris to where you are staying. Always take her to some cheap rent per hour dive. Never even tell them where you are staying. We turned right out of the restaurant and walked a short distance up the road, heading towards the KFC.

However, as soon as we passed the end of the restaurant, we turned sharp right onto a narrow road, which was not much wider than a car. It was a bit dark and for a moment, I thought that maybe I should not go down this deserted and dark side street with this stranger. But I was horny as hell and decided to take the risk.

We walked around 10 meters down the road when she suddenly pushed the door of what appeared to be a derelict building. There was a back window with no glass so there was a little light when she shut the door behind us. I looked around and it was a bit of a dump and the only furniture was a sturdy table at the side of the room. I opened my wallet and paid her the fee she had asked for.

Well, it was private anyway. Looking around, I thought I could bend her over the table and fuck her from behind. Outcall Massage In Paris, though, I wanted to see the merchandise. And I peel her strapless dress down to her waist, exposing to creamy white breasts that almost glowed in the dull light.

She had dark tips to the peak of her breasts with long protruding nipples. I certainly wanted to have those between my lips. Before that, I pulled up her dress until it met the top of her dress around the waist. She was not wearing underwear and was hairless, God that pussy looked inviting. I just wished I had more time so I could keep her for the night, but maybe another time.

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